Elliott E-SJ73L-F


Elliott E-SJ73L-F
Length: 7’3″
Power: Light
Action: Fast
Lure Rating: 1/32 to 1/4oz.
LB Test Line: 4-10lb.
Tip Size: 4.5
Butt Diameter: 0.490
Physical Weight: 1.45 oz.

Handles and seats sold separately.

With a bit lighter tip and a touch faster action than it’s 7 foot Light cousin, the 73L-F fits in with the trend for longer rods while still providing the light weight, balance and feel of a shorter rod. Fantastic action for drop shot presentations, straight up jig fishing with bait or plastics, Lindy rigging, float fishing, inline spinners etc. Suited for larger panfish, trout, white bass, rock bass, smallmouth and a host of other favorites.

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