Elliott E-SJ71M-XF Rod Blank


Elliott E-SJ71M-XF
Length: 7’1″
Power: M
Action: X-Fast
Lure Rating: 3/16 to 1/2 oz.
LB Test Line: 6-12LB Test
Tip Size: 4.5
Butt Diameter: 0.528
Physical Weight: 1.75oz.

Handles and seats sold separately.

With a bit more power at the tip section than the E-610ML-XF, along with additional length, the E-71M-XF is the perfect choice for drop shotting big smallmouths in deep water, or casting drop shot rigs when extra length and a little additional power are beneficial. This rod is also an outstanding options for anglers who prefer a slightly faster blank when casting jigworms, shakey heads, and tubes, or for pitching or vertical jigging larger walleye jigs.

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