Elliott E-C66M-F


Elliott E-C66M-F
Length: 6’6″
Power: M
Action: Fast
Lure Rating: 3/16 to 1/2oz.
LB Test Line: 8-14lb.
Tip Size: 5
Butt Diameter: 0.460
Physical Weight: 1.85 oz.

Handles and seats sold separately.

Most casting rods of this configuration are used for bass fishing and other mid-sized freshwater species. The E-C66M-F excels with lures in the 3/16 to 3/8 oz range, making it a light weight, nimble option for topwaters, finesse jigs, pitching weightless plastics, and midsized crankbaits. Those who prefer dropshotting with casting gear will also find this blank appealing. For walleye anglers, it’s a great choice for jigging or pulling light bottom bouncers. The E-66M-F has proven to be a great multi-purpose rod for lighter to mid weight inland freshwater species presentations .

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