Elliott E-AP7M-F


Elliott E-APS7M-F
Length: 7′
Power: M
Action: Fast
Lure Rating: 3/16 to 1/2 oz.
LB Test Line: 6-12LB Test
Tip Size: 4.5
Butt Diameter: 0.490
Physical Weight: 2.07oz.

Handles and seats sold separately.

At the 3/16 to 1/2oz rating the E-AP7M-F is a versatile blank in both casting and spinning rod configurations. As a spinning rod, it’s an excellent option for jigworms, tubes, live bait rigs, and casting jerkbaits and small cranks – especially for anglers who prefer to use braided line. The added “power sponge” in the mid power curve adds in a bit more flex protecting the fluorocarbon or monofilament leaders, while still retaining great power on the hook set. Built as a casting rod, this blank is a fine option for finesse jigging, light Texas rigs and weightless plastics, and jerkbaits, and is simply outstanding as a topwater rod for poppers, prop baits and walk-the-dog baits.

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