Why Rod Guides & Balance Are So Important

sxqrsgIt was proven to me decades ago that a properly balanced tubular fiberglass rod can be more sensitive than an expensive graphite rod, it all depends on the science of how they’re put together. Like good Minnesotans we were back trolling Lindy Rigs, I would use the fiber glass rod, then the graphite using the exact same presentation, same speed same depth, same size bait, there was a night and day difference in sensitivity in favor of the tubular fiberglass rod. It was a valuable lesson for a rod builder on the key factors on how rod weight distribution and balance in the hand plays into feeling or not feeling everything a rod blank has to offer. It doesn’t matter how high tech or expensive the graphite is, if the rod is not properly balanced in the hand all the technology put into the blank along with the expense can be severely dampened or lost.

There are added weight factors other than the physical weight of the rod blank such as an added painted finish on the blank, line guides, wrappings, epoxy coatings etc. If you placed them all together in an empty tea bag and tied them to the end of the rod it creates an eye opening realization on how what seemed to be a minuscule amount of weight can be multiplied over the length of a rod. There are weight factors we can’t eliminate like guide wrappings and thread coatings however choosing the lightest possible guide your budget will permit will most often be the correct choice for a better balanced sensitive result.

Commercial rod manufactures are always pressing guide manufactures for lighter weight rod guides because they’re a large variable factor in creating a balanced and sensitive fishing rod. Today’s light weight stainless steel frame guides with Stainless Steel or Chrome plated ring inserts offer a durable and practical option for cost vs weight ratios. Thermal conductivity and line noise reduction factors aren’t as high as with the new ROSL ceramic inserts from Sea Guide that are 45% lighter than SIC while offering superior heat dissipation and line wear factors, choose the best guide you can and you’ll be pleased with the results. However in many fishing picking up the most delicate bite is not the main concern, sometime times utility or industrial strength type guides out weight (pun intended) sensitivity needs. What-ever the requirements getrodblanks.com component selection offers a well-rounded selection of inshore and inland components at exceptional values.

There are so many excellent rod guides available today for every application and budget. We’ve included rod guide recipes to compliment each Elliott rod blank that will fit your needs and desires in price ranges to make your selection decision more enjoyable and the ordering process easier.


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