The Elliott SJ 7′ L-F

I fished the incredibly light (1.7 ounce) Elliott SJ 7′ L-F extensively on a recent walleye trip. This blank did an outstanding job using 4 specific tactics for walleye fishing making this blank an excellent choice for a walleye angler who doesn’t carry many rods but uses many tactics.

pr-20-eyeDuring this trip we found walleye in what I would describe as typical walleye haunts on shield lakes in August. That being wind blown points and shorelines with steep breaks in the wind. We found walleye from 16-34 feet deep with the best bite being in 28-34 feet. We vertical jigged these fish and the Elliott SJ 7′ L-F was super fun to fish with and effectively hooked fish in deep water in a windy condition.

On day 2 two of this trip we faced a blue bird sky and not a lick of wind. In the morning we hit a few reefs with the vertical presentation but what really set this day apart was the snap jig bite in the weeds. We found walleye to be really aggressive chomping 5 inch swim baits in a big weedy bay in about 7-10 feet of water. We covered water super fast making very long distance casts and snapping the jig back to the boat with the jig almost never touching the bottom. If you’ve never fished walleye like this it’s completely different than vertical jigging and a off the charts fun!

What does a fella do after the bite slows down? Well we split the tactics. Angler one using a long line live bait rig tipped with a crawler and angler 2 casting a small minnow shaped crankbait outside of a current area. We caught walleye on both tactics and the Elliott SJ 7 did the job effectively.

I fully recommend this blank for two main reasons: Versatility and fun. This blank will also work well as a drop shot rod and you can certainly fish this blank for other species including all members of the bass family. Consider building a rod on the Elliott SJ 7′ L-F. I guarantee you’re gonna love it!