It’s early October the weather’s great and I’m thinking frogging bass in the pads! Hooking up the boat I’m headed toward a local pond with plenty of pads and bass. The plan was to film the Elliott C 7’3″ MH casting rod chucking frogs ¬†and catching bass. The 7’3″ tosses the frog a considerable distance and it has the power to haul brutes out of the pads.

I had a great plan and the timing was similar to years past but the pad bite was off. The weeds were still thick in and around the pads on this particular lake. After what felt like a mile of reeling Mr Frog no bass were caught. I must say going home did cross my mind. I don’t have any other spots on this lake and working a new lake….I just didn’t feel like it. On the way to the landing I thought what about docks? I didn’t fish docks much this summer and when a dock was in range I let my 17 year old fishing partner pound the bass off them. So I gave myself an hour to hit the likely docks that remained on the lake.

dock-bassI love the Elliott 6’10” spinning rod. I picked it from the many options at my feet because the 610 is so much fun to fish! And it was already rigged with what I call a twitch rig….a 5/0 wide gap with a sink worm. For me this rig is perfect for skipping docks. I know what your thinking a 6’10” skipping rod? Well yes. Plus it already had a twitch rig on it! Dock 3 had a 15 incher on it and away I went ¬†skipping docks. There were about 20-25 docks worth skipping on the lake and I caught 9 bass of which two were pint size.

I fish a lot, probably more than most. In the end I didn’t get any fish on a frog. I didn’t learn a new lake and I didn’t get a 20 inch beast but my morning was made by the 9 bass I did get by altering my tactics.


This dock looked really good and I make the call in this 1 minute video.