aboutElliott rod blanks are constructed using Toray high modulus graphite materials, Toray is today’s industry leader in advanced graphite technologies. Depending on the character, action and power requirements each model has its own material make up; or recipe. They are designed in taper, tip diameters and wall thickness’s that bring out the very best potential of the materials along with very high quality control tolerances creating quality rod blanks that custom rod builders seek whether building for the everyday fisherman, guide, or professional angler. Elliott blanks are produced in the natural flat grey finish simply because it compliments most every cosmetic color application a rod wrapper inspires to use plus it reduces weight that’s inherent with painted finishes and finally, the flat grey finish is more resistant to cosmetic scaring such as nicks and scratches.

Since the first willow branch and bone hook was used to catch a fish rods have been designed to bend and recover in a million ways or more. Essentially there are no new rod actions; however there are always new rod trends and rod actions supporting these trends, preexisted. New improved graphite materials and processes continue to make rod blanks lighter and stronger and that’s where the rod blank evolution remains.

When deciding on model selections our intent wasn’t to cover it from ice fishing to ocean rod blanks but instead to present a series that represents rod actions and configurations that roughly 80% of most all inland and inshore anglers use with confidence and trust earned from experience on the water with great success.

Our rod blank mission will to be present top quality high performance products with common sense pricing, we believe in the community of rod building, we get it, we live it and it’s obviously our passion. We hope you’ll enjoy our product selection and watch our product portfolio slowly expand. Now that fishing seasons are open in the Midwest we’ll be on the water almost weekly creating video’s on each Elliott model so please visit us often, we’ll strive to bring you great rod building ideas innovations and fishing content that you’ll enjoy!