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Syncork is more durable and economical than organic cork.

Hello Rod builders and welcome to Getrodblanks.com! Here you’ll find our selection of high modulus, lightweight, performance rod blanks…Elliott Rod blanks. Our shop also features our own Syncork handle material, Sea Guide Precision Components, an array of pre-formed handles and many other rod building supplies.

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Elliott Rod Blanks Deliver Top Performance & High Value

Created for the chore at hand Elliott Fishing Rod Blanks deliver high quality rod blanks that provide the right feel, speed, power and accuracy that devoted fisherman need. Elliott Fishing Rod Blanks will deliver performance, value and satisfaction for your hard earned time on the water.

Elliott Spinning Blanks

Check out our selection of 10 spinning rod blanks


Elliott Casting Rod Blanks

We have 5 casting blanks built to perform.

Elliott Muskie Rod Blanks

Elliott 8’6″ muskie blanks available in MH, H and XH actions.

Elliott Multi Purpose Blanks

Elliott rod blanks offer 2 actions that can be for casting or spinning.


Syncork is a plastic material made in the USA. Syncork is lighter and denser than natural cork, while providing the ability, depending on how it’s shaped, to leave different surface textures, from silky smooth for a refined feel in hand to a rougher surface for a more comfortable and secure grip, even with wet, cold hands. It provides a range of finishing options that can’t be accomplished with organic cork. Syncork can’t absorb water, dry out or rot, making long-lasting, durable grips that will look like the day it was shaped, even after 10 years of heavy use. Syncork is also resistant to insect repellents, UV rays, accelerated weather conditions, sunscreen, many petroleum products, alkaline, and many other chemicals found in practical fishing situations.

Why Sea Guide?

There’s an ocean of great rod building components out there and we chose Sea Guide as our main component offering for their scope of selection, quality and cost. We’re particularly impressed with the ROSL ring guide selection which offers new high performance standards at lower costs over other brands. In the future we’ll offer other brands in the mix as well however with Sea Guide’s innovation, quality and value it made it a very easy choice, we’re certain you’ll agree and be more than pleased when using Sea Guide rod components on your next custom rod master piece.

elliott fishing rods

We now offer finished ready to fish Elliott Fishing Rods!

To see our fine selection of lightweight, perfectly balanced fishing rods with unmatched sensitivity Please visit elliottfishingrods.com.

Incredibly sensitive and super lightweight Elliott Rods have the right combination of speed, flexibility and power. My Elliott Rods allow me to land more bites. I’m glad I made the move to fish with Elliott Rods.

Corey Guttenfelder

Pro Bass Fisherman, Winner of The KFAN and many other Pro Bass Events in Minnesota

As an active multi specie angler, I own a pile of fishing rods, and many of these rods I custom built myself to satisfy a particular niche.
I started using Elliott rods this year, and they are everything a fishing rod should be– light, fast and finished perfectly with premium components. Every time I use one I am amazed at not only the sensitivity but the casting distance and accuracy I am able to achieve.
Whether you are a custom rod builder or just an angler who demands the finest equipment, there is no need to look beyond Elliott rods and blanks.

Chris Hansen

Multi-Specie Angler, Guide, Instructor, Educator

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