Passions can be short and quick, but some can last a lifetime. Lifelong passions can wind us through different stages. The novice – a beginner eager to learn and explore something new. Next a deeper exploration that often steers our interests to a more narrowly-defined genre or category.


When greater knowledge approaches mastery, perhaps some competitiveness emerges too – a desire to always improve, achieve, demonstrate one’s mastery. For some, the final stages is a level of contentedness – derived from the pure pleasure of simply doing something well, while still learning, and perhaps sharing the fun with others.

fininshingThere are many reasons to build fishing rods. Some might not really fish that often, but love assembling simple rods for friends and family. It’s all about the giving. Some love the craft, and become immersed in fashioning extraordinary works of art, with exotic wood handles and woven thread art patterns that are one-of-a-kind showcases of the art that emerges when skill and passion are combined. Others are into the pure science of building, combining just the right components, tweaking blanks and balancing handles to create the lightest weight, best balanced, most sensitive rod possible, designed and built to perform a specific task, right down to an exact lure and technique.

It’s very common in many industries where the passionate focus of the “mad scientist” in his home shop leads to innovations that entire industries later recognize, then follow.

If you’re into custom rod building, no matter what stage or level you’re at, creating a rod with your own thoughts, hands and skills, then landing fish with it creates a GREAT level of satisfaction, enjoyment and fun! Whether you’re a beginner, or a master, it’s all part of the Fun, Art and Science of rod building.